SoundPath: A Musical Journey to Wellbeing


SoundPath: A Musical Journey to Well-Being provides a system of sound healing that includes education and exercises using music, vibrations/energy, drumming, mindful meditations and dance.

Karen Olson, Julliard trained violist with a Ph.D in music and several years experience as an energy healer and Reiki master, will be bringing the gifts that got her through the other side of her struggles, including surviving cancer. 

This workshop invites you to experience spontaneous healing through the deeper states of consciousness induced by guided meditations accompanied by her viola music. 

The workshop entails exercises to connect to universal source energy to create transformative intentions and allow transcendence.  Workshop attendees with get a discounted price for her grammy nominated album, A Hero's Journey as well as her latest book, SoundPath.

Please visit to learn more and to hear Karen's music.