Awaken the Healer Workshop with Dr. Reid Etter


Learn how emotional stress manifests as physical symptoms, and how to heal. Our bodies are powerful, with an incredible capacity to protect and heal us. In an effort to protect us, trauma and stress is often stored in the body and if left unaddressed, can turn into physical symptoms and ailments.

This workshop will explore how unresolved emotional stress sits in the body and will teach you various methods you can use at home to begin clearing subconscious stressors to alleviate tightness, pain, anxiety and fatigue.

Dr. Reid Etter is a Chiropractic Doctor who incorporates western medicine with eastern healing practices. Dr. Etter is committed to empowering his clients to activate our innate ability to heal our own bodies. He employs a variety of healing modalities to address the roots of underlying symptoms and help you heal from the inside out.