It's our intention to offer gifted and inspired instructors who are interested not just in teaching people to "do" poses, but in teaching the science of yoga asana as preventative medicine, energetic embodiment, and an ally for health and peace in body and mind.

GODA's students are all ages, shapes and levels. We cater to a diverse spectrum of students. Because of this GODA classes are usually mixed in level and instructors offer modifications to differing levels in class. Too often yoga can create physical pain, restriction and depletion of energy when practiced competitively or repetitively without consciousness. GODA teaches yoga asana from the point of view of receptivity, rather than drive and “push”. We aim for students to ‘do’ less and receive more on the mat. And although there is “doing” while practicing, we teach students to yield to the innate wisdom of poses and sequences, providing real strength and fuller freedom of movement. In this way, yoga asana practice serves students in mindfully cultivating presence, physical health and wellbeing, and the embodiment of Spirit. At GODA, whether you are in a Vinyasa Flow, Slow Deep Stretch, or Beginning class, you are encouraged to listen to your body and move consciously at a pace that is right for you on any given day. We encourage slowing down Surya Namaskar Sequences, linking breath with movement…for real. We utilize longer holds in postures, helping students to find correct alignment and greater energy flow.

Although our instructors come from diverse lineages and influences, each embodies the ancient practice uniquely and with great love and joy. GODA’S instructors cultivate relationships with students, give lots of personal attention and hands on adjustments and will work with your injuries and challenges with thoughtfulness and care.

GODA is a Yoga Alliance accredited school for 200 hour teacher trainings and our Instructors are E-RYT registered. We offer a wide range of classes to our busy clientele. We are honored to share our love of Yoga with you.


A Note from GODA's New Owner...


Dear Goda Community,

Change is never easy, though it can be exciting!  I hope you’ll join me in recognizing and thanking Cheryl for the incredible community she has built in Goda Yoga. I have been a member of the studio since January 2015 and it felt like home as soon as I stepped inside. I immediately signed up for (and completed) my Teacher Training here last year and absolutely fell in love with the Goda family, Cheryl and the beautiful, welcoming, down to earth community you have all helped create over the last 15 years. Yoga is my love and my passion and I can’t wait to use my experience in business administration to help invigorate our oasis. It is my greatest honor to take the torch from Cheryl, and I would like you to know that I intend to make this transition as smooth as possible, keeping the integrity and spirit of the studio intact. I look forward to making improvements to your experience and to introducing new types of classes to further expand the yoga and movement education we offer.
I am excited for this new chapter and I look forward to meeting each of you in the studio. Please know that my door is always open and I welcome any and all feedback about your experience at Goda and how we can improve.

With love,